Sumo wrestles with its image amid string of scandals.

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  • Hookup someone too old for youMatch com dating site reviews Asashoryu has my sympathy. After all, when your ideal fighting weight is 25 stone, a couple of pence on the price of a packet of biscuits is going to have a considerable impact on your lifestyle. The Japan Sumo Association responded to Asashoryu's appeal with a silence so frosty it might yet prove the solution to global warming. It is fair to say that as far as the JSA is concerned Asashoryu is skating on thin ice. And thin ice is no place for a man of his size.

    Just when the sport's biggest attraction was set to assume his place among the all-time greats, a scandal has surfaced that threatens to undermine his place in history. The Mongolian Asashoryu, whose real name is Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj, won his 20th Emperor's Cup last month, putting the 26-year-old on course to become one of the most dominant wrestlers in the history of Japan's ancient sport. But now he has been accused of cheating, which he denies. To some Japanese fans, Asashoryu's rise to the top of their national sport has not been easy to accept. His brash, cocky style has irked some traditionalists.

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    Ben Swindlehurst enters the ring. T o many the sport of sumo looks like nothing more than two heavy men attempting to shove their opponent from the ring with nothing more than brute force and a big belly, but as with many ancient sports there is a lot more than initially meets the eye. It Hookup someone too old for you believed that sumo first originated as part of a Shinto religious ceremony to welcome in the new year. The objective of a bout is to force your opponent to touch the floor with any part of the body apart from the soles of their feet or to step out of the ring. Life within a stable follows a very strict hierarchy where rank is everything.

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    Sumo asashoryu wife sexual dysfunction

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    Asashoryu, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, returns from three-month ban Fashion · Food · Recipes · Love & sex · Home & garden · Health & fitness · Family · Travel · Money Sumo welcomes back apologetic enfant terrible to return to Mongolia after he was diagnosed with a stress disorder. In the summer sumo's grand champion Asashoryu used his position as head of the wrestlers' union to call for a 10% pay increase for his. Sumo's governing body launched an into the . Sumo's only genuine modern superstar, Asashoryu, abruptly quit last. Read more

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    Sumo asashoryu wife sexual dysfunction Top dating sites 2009. Asashoryu has my sympathy. After all, when your ideal fighting weight is 25 stone, a couple of pence on the price of a packet of biscuits is going to have a considerable impact on your lifestyle. The Japan Sumo Association responded to Asashoryu's appeal with a silence so frosty it might yet prove the solution to global warming. It is fair to say that as far as the JSA is concerned Asashoryu is skating on thin ice. And thin ice is no place for a man of his size. You see, Asashoryu has spent the past four years becoming one of the most successful rikishi in history while simultaneously building up a reputation as the bad boy of the sport. Admittedly this is a title that is a good deal easier to earn in the conservative world of sumo than it would be in, say, professional boxing where even to qualify as a "troubled personality" you need a rap sheet as long as Shaquille O'Neal's arm. Nevertheless, Asashoryu has done his best, irritating the authorities with a run of misbehaviour that includes pulling an opponent's top-knot, arguing with a judge, brawling in the post-match communal bath, getting drunk after a row with his trainer over his wedding arrangements, making public appearances wearing a suit instead of traditional Japanese dress and appearing in a televised charity football match alongside Hidetoshi Nakata when he was supposed to be recovering from a back injury. The claims first surfaced a year ago, but they were brought back into focus this week when another sumo wrestler, Wakanoho, claimed that he had been paid to lose fights.
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